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Do you have what it takes to describe a dizzying array of pop culture trivia to your friends using only emoji? If you’re a big fan of game night, then this game's for you. Click on through and check out Emoji Charades. You’re gonna want to find this before your friends do!

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You may be asking, "What in the heck is a GameCake and can I eat it?" No. Please don't eat us. GameCake is a company of nerds who got nostalgic about playing games with friends and family in the same room. Our goal is to bring people together through the magic of digital games. After years of training in the Tibetan Mountains, we finally harnessed the power of technology and bright colors to create simple games that are easy to setup and learn, no matter who you are. We feel the living room is the perfect place to entertain you, so our games are great for streaming boxes like the Apple TV and Chromecast. You can also just use your iPhone or iPad. If you have questions for us, drop us a line using the Support & Feedback page, or hit us up on social media. Thanks for visiting!

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